Sonya MacDonald: storytelling,
fundraising copywriting, and online content creation for nonprofits and values-driven businesses

I love creating communications for good causes and working with clients who are changing the world. From the bakery dedicated to using organic ingredients to the nonprofit that helps break the cycle of poverty.

I believe that people want and need to do good – whether it’s donating to a worthwhile cause or buying an environmentally friendly product to help protect the planet. It’s their joy. So give them the chance to do good with clear, concise content that tells them how they’re making a difference, and how they can make an even greater impact.

So why choose my copywriting services?

As a former copy director for an award-winning direct response fundraising agency in Toronto, Stephen Thomas, and a freelance fundraising copywriter, I’ve told the stories of more than 100 nonprofits to raise tens of millions of dollars in donor support. My work appears on SOFII, an online archive of “the best fundraising creativity from around the world.”

As a freelance content creator and marketing copywriter, I work with entrepreneurs and businesses with an environmental and social conscience to bring out the stories that make their cause matter more – to more people.

What will you like best about working with me?

The refreshing experience of collaborating with a writer who takes the business of freelancing seriously. Someone who lives by deadlines and offers great customer service. And let’s not forget the stellar copy, of course!

Some of my specialist skills include:

Direct response copywriting: to move your target market toward action, whether that’s making a donation, making a purchase, or signing up for your offer.

SEO copywriting: to ensure your content is just as appealing to search engines as it is to your readers.

Editing: to make your content smoother, clearer, and more compelling. And to convert more people.

Communications auditing: to find what works and what doesn’t on your website or marketing materials.

What should you do next?

Get in touch for sparkling writing that reaches your audience effectively!

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