Grow your business or raise more funds
with meaningful communications

Hi and welcome. My name is Sonya MacDonald. I’m a freelance fundraising copywriter, content creator, and internet marketing writer. For over a decade I’ve helped more than 100 nonprofits and values-driven businesses tell their stories to skyrocket their results.

Did you know that whether you’re recruiting donors or winning customers, there’s only one way to make a lasting impact?

It comes down to making real connections with people. And the best way to do that is through your story. That’s where I can make a difference for you.

Communications that build exceptional relationships:

Take a look at some of the ways I can help you achieve your goals:

  •  Powerfully engaging copy and content  for your website, blog, email marketing, sales pages, or ebook.
  •  Fundraising copywriting that gets better response rates for your nonprofit communications.
  •  SEO copywriting and internet marketing that boosts your web presence and social media effectiveness.

If your job, business, or passion involves making the world a better place, we should talk. Start by telling me your story. Call me at 604-741-3625 or email me today.

Sonya MacDonald
Fundraising copywriter &  web content specialist

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